About Hatil

Late Al-Haj Habibur Rahman [1939-2005]
Founder of H.A. Timber Industries Ltd.

The brand name HATIL stands for elegant, contemporary and affordable furniture. HATIL is synonymous with superior quality, craftsmanship and post sales service as well. HATIL isa cherished and trusted brand in home and office furniture categories and interior solutions across global markets.

HATIL traces its root in H.A.Timber Industries Ltd., a company established in 1966 in Dhaka, Bangladesh bylate Al-Haj Habibur Rahman. Following the legacy of H.A. Timber, HATIL was established in 1989 by Selim H. Rahman, a veteran and visionary leader in the furniture industry of Bangladesh.

HATIL’s over 50 years of accumulated experience in wood processing and furniture manufacturing ensures that our furniture collections are aesthetically pleasing, functionally superior and durable. The unique design themes of HATIL ensure that our designs remain trendy over years to come. To give the customer the best possible quality, HATIL has been practicing Japanese quality management philosophy ‘Kaizen\ since 2007.

Equipped with the state-of the-art machines and skilled craftsmen, HATIL is also the pioneer in Bangladesh in exporting furniture. HATIL’s export coverage includes India, Nepal, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Australia, USA, Canada and Russia. In addition to nationwide presence, HATIL is the only Bangladeshi Furniture brand that operates single-brand showroom in Australia and Canada.

HATIL is committed to excellence in everything it does and takes pride in being the pioneer in using FSC Certified wood and installing environmental protection measures. We care for our customers, our environment, our employees and our society. HATIL is the proud winner of HSBC-Daily Star Climate Award-2013 in Green Operation category and is the only FSC Certified Furniture Manufacturer in Bangladesh.