Over these years HATIL has beenable to leverage its competencies globally and initiated operation in a numberof country markets in different formats.

HATIL launched its firstsingle-brand HATIL showroom in Sydney, Australia on 24 June 2013.The expansion of HATIL into Australian market is amongst the most importantsuccesses our local companies have achieved so far in global arena. Tostrengthen global presence, HATIL is in the process of opening new showrooms inNorth America and Europe.

On September 2013 HATIL enteredinto Global Supply Agreement with Paul Robert Chair Inc., USA for exportingdesigner sofa, chair, and tables to customers of Paul Robert around the world.So far, HATIL has exported Paul Robert furniture to Kuwait, Saudi Arabia andfew other Middle-Eastern countries. This is a landmark feat for the entirefurniture industry in Bangladesh as far OEM/ODM furniture export is concerned. Apartfrom above, HATIL exports to Thailand, India, Denmark, Singapore, and Sweden.