Brisbane-103 (4part)

Brisbane-103 (4part)

Maharashtra - Pune - Yerawada
Ground Floor Building, Fountain House, Creaticity, Yerawada

Products and Service Information

  • Made of rebonded foam, felt and fabric
  • Please refer to image for dimension details
  • Indoor use only

Mattress | Brisbane-103

Mattress Brisbane-103


Hatil Furniture is made with rebounded foam, felt and fabric  Felt is a textile material that is produced by matting, condensing, and pressing fibers together. Its use gives the mattress a durable support layer. It is divided into four parts. The fabric and foam used in this mattress give it a soft comfort layer.  This product can help you get a comfortable sleep. 

Quality and durability:

This mattress is divided into four parts. It can be easily and safely dry cleaned. It is a good product to use indoors. All the materials used in making this product are high quality, giving it a better finish and making it more long-lasting.

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