Privacy Policy

Being a smart, contemporary furniture brand, HATIL aspires to make sure you get the best value and
exciting experience. We also believe you have high expectations from HATIL, and we too believe, we
can deliver on our promises as long as we have you with us. With every passing day, we get to know
each other better for sake of our enduring relationship. And you know, the relationship gets stronger when
we know a bit more details about each other. That’s why, we are going to collect some details about you,
and we will be the sole custodian to secure the privacy of those details for the best interest of both of

Privacy Maintenance:
1. We always inform you of the purpose of any information we are going to ask you for
2. We clearly state where we are going to use that information
3. You know beforehand how long we are going to keep that information with us
4. We let you know based on that information only who can contact you

Details We Ask For:
1. Photograph: When you go for a visual search, you select ‘photographs’ of our furniture. When you are
done with searching and decide to log out, we remove your select ‘photographs’ of those chosen
2. Usage Data: We collect non-personal information to understand how you interact with our App
3. Names & Emails: To get back to you with feedback, we need to have your name and Email

Sharing of Information:
1. We do not share, exchange, spread, or trade your details to any third party, banks, and marketing
agencies. Only business verticals of us who actually are there to serve you can access that
information for your best interest
2. In case of any directive from state agencies or regulatory bodies, as a law-abiding corporate
citizens, we have no choice but to share your details

Data Security:
We take a series of steps to maintain this:
A. Data Encryption
B. Firewalls
C. Secure Server
D. Password
E. Logging Systems

Data Preservation:
We don’t store your personal information once they are no longer in use. Your searched photos are
stored only for a few hours. Names and Emails remain with us as long as you wish them to be with us.

Privacy Rights:
1. Right to Access: You have the sole right to access your personal information you share with us. If
you have the right to change/alter/modify them when you feel like, providing you contact us
through proper channel

2. Right to Object: You have every right to inform us about any erroneous or misinformation we
have for you. We shall rectify those immediately

3. Right to Withdraw: You have the sole right to withdraw your personal information anytime. In
In this case, you need to inform us through the proper channel

Share Your Mind:
For any concern or query regarding our privacy policy, we are happy to listen from you:

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